• Black & White

    Oxford Ceramics Gallery

    28th January - 4th March 2017

    "The colours black and white have played a significant role in art, architecture and design for centuries. This exhibition explores the role of black and white in contemporary ceramics, wood and jewellery. It demonstrates their richness and subtlety, their power and purity, and the diverse ways in which artists use them.

    It features the work of ceramists Lucie Rie and Hans Coper, Edmund de Waal and Bodil Manz, furniture makers Jim Partridge and Liz Walmsley, and jewellery designer Wendy Ramshaw - artists for whom the expressive potential of black and white is fundamental."

  • Open To Art

    Officine Saffi, Milan

    1st - 16th March 2017

    I am very pleased to have work selected for the second edition of the Open to Art International Ceramics Competition. Finalists include Ken Eastman, Anne Floche, Margaret O'Rorke, Hiroshi Taruta, Prue Venables and others.

  • Modern Masters

    International Trade Fair, Munich, Germany

    8th - 14th March 2017

    The work of 34 contemporary craftsmen and artists, invited from 14 countries, will be showcased in Modern Masters. I will be exhibiting new work alongside Jeongyong Han, Bente Skjøttgaard, Eva Moosbrugger, Jiyong Lee, Shelley Doolan, Anders Ljungberg, Nick Webb, and others.