• Anew

    Francis Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

    20 April - 15 June 2024

    Andrea Walsh, Chris L. Halstrøm & Garry Fabian Miller

    "The rhythm of our lives is dictated by the turning of the planets, the tilt of the earth, and its position relative to the sun – and it is this dance of planets and stars that dictates our access to light and heat, that divides night from day, and that governs the gradual slide from winter into spring, summer to autumn.


    Heat and light are intertwined and interwoven throughout these works – present explicitly and implicitly, materially and formally. From the subtle shine of Chris Halstrøm’s linen thread and the intricate refractions and reflections of Walsh’s glass and gold – to the ferocious brilliance of Garry Fabian Miller’s work, emitting a heat and light in which one can bathe."